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Afternoon Delight


ADTFM is an hour long radio show on Trinity Fm hosted by Bobby Idogho and Ludo Dawnay with guest host Aimee Jay. Tune in Thursdays at 8pm for new music, old music, ones to watch and general uncensored banter.

Buckers and Dunkfunkel


Buckers and Dunkfunkel is a funkadellic radio-show, every Tuesday @ 6pm. Only on TFM. With news, tunes, and cutting edge banter, Buckers and Dunkfunkel is truly the voice of a generation. A talk-radio show presented by Duncan Moss and Michelle Buckley.

Enemies with Benefits


A man, his enemy, and a horde of guests take a stab at both popular culture and each other.
Hosted by Tom Moore and to a lesser extent by a man named Savage. New guests each week (hopefully). Every Thursday 9-10pm.

Hanging Out with the Family


After failing to construct a social life, failed actor and stand-up comedian Leo Hanna, and disgraced former winner of the North Dublin ‘Face for Radio’ contest Liam Farrell present ‘Hanging Out With the Family’, a weekly mix of music, conversation, broken dreams and empty threats. 6pm-7pm every Friday on Trinity FM.

The Hefty Hour


The heftiest hour you’ll find on a university radio station. Whether you’re a culchie, from the British part of Ireland or a continental snob, we’ve got u. The Hefty Hour with Bill, Badge & Roo. Mondays 8 pm Dublin time.

OJ in the Evening


Tune in to Trinity FM every Tuesday night at 20:00 to get your weekly does of Vitamin Craic. Music, philosophical debates, jazz, drama, movie reviews are all on the cards as well as just the general banter hey!
The arousing thing ever to exist…

Rave Waves


The newest rave to hit the airwaves of Trinity FM. Every Wednesday 7-8pm
This show is presented by Ivan Loza, Rachel Nevins and Stephen McLoughlin



Music show hosted by Celia Chari that plays cool, old chuunes: everything from french yeye to new wave to even a little bit of ska. Like the sound of that? Have nothing better to do Mondays @ 7pm? Then tune in for an hour of nostalgic fuuuun at Trinity FM! ♥

The Rocky Hour


The Rocky Hour is Trinity FM’s premier radio programme about a film series spanning the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and 2006. Join your hosts Jonathan “The Welsh Lumberjack’ White, Jamie “Is his second name really Rwanda” Rwanda, and Burgess “He’s actually not dead” Meredith as they play songs from Rocky I, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, but not Rocky V every Friday at 4PM. Be there or be dead, like Apollo Creed.

The Sarah Palin Appreciation Society


Weekly show on Trinity FM featuring Seb McAteer, Harry Mc Hugh and Grainne Carville. Exploring the lighter side of politics interspersed with mostly unrelated music. Every Monday at 11pm, not to be missed.

The Shpooky Buachaills


Just two shpoooked out buachs sharing their college schookys with all the pukes who tune into TFM every Thursday at 6pm…



Silicon – Trinity FM – Tue. 23:00

Tower of Power Hour


Tom Coll and Jack Boyle bring you the funkiest, most soulful tunes on TFM every Monday at 5:00pm. Throw in some indie and alternative and you have the Tower of Power Hour. Plenty of messing and shite talk. So get up offa that thing and tune in. Jam.

Twin Geeks


Caoimhe Cumberbatch and Clare Martin talk about the best (and worst) movies and music in the land. Tune in to on Tuesdays at 8pm!

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